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I've been using QMEM since 2006 and I absolutely love it. It is the only reason I still own a Windows computer. Thing is, my file went POOF. Gone. I have been using it on Windows 10, then upgraded to Windows 11 a few weeks back. All was fine after upgrading to 11. I've been working a TON in it as it's the end of the year, etc. I closed it on 1/8/22, went to reopen it and nada. Now, the ONLY file I can open is an old backup from 2019. I cannot find my main file, anywhere. It was completely updated through 1/8/22. Has this happened to anyone else who still uses QMEM? I see my file, it just will NOT open. I've tried to open it on a system still running Windows 10 and it will not open there either.
I really need that file. It has all my notes and diagnosis, etc.


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    I have not had any issues with QMEM, but I am still running Windows 10. I make a backup on a thumb drive every time I exit.

    It's not clear exactly what your problem is. In one place you say you can't find the file, elsewhere you say you see the file but it will not open. 
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