How do I fix a CC503 error for First Financial Bank

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I get error CC503 for & have for many weeks. I've talked to the bank & it is not there issue. Did the connection method change? I deactivated then reactivated accounts with no luck. How do I fix?


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    I noticed there are two Financial Institutions (FIs) in the FIDIR list and Add Account setups in Quicken:
    I guess the first thing that comes to my mind:  Have you tried setting up the connection with the First Financial Corporation - New link?
    The second thing that comes to mind regarding First Financial Bank IN QFX & QB:  I noticed it offers Direct Connect (for banking...checking, savings...not credit).  Have you considered setting up with Direct Connect instead of Express Web Connect (error code CC-503 indicates an error with Express Web Connect)?  (To set up with Direct Connect: Select First Financial Bank IN QFX & QB during Add Account and instead of clicking on Next click on Advanced Options.  Then select Direct Connect and Next and follow the prompts.)  NOTE:  Some FIs require a unique login for Direct Connect that they will provide.  I do not know if this is applicable with First Financial.  Also, some FIs will charge a monthly fee for Direct Connect support.  I did not see any fee listing for this in their fees disclosure but thought I would mention it here anyway.
    I also noticed on the First Financial website that it appears they made some changes regarding the financial softwares they support:  It doesn't say when they made those changes nor are there any of the links the webpage mentions but maybe that is driving your issue?   If/when you do talk with them, again, you might want to inquire about this.
    (QW Premier Subscription: R42.21 on Windows 10)
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