Some suggestions for User Improvement

I am NOT an accountant, so please be patient with my dumb ideas.

1. Make transaction search engine more Boolean-sophisticated, like, Find {date >= [01/03/2021]} #AND# {Memo text [begins with "Visa 1234"}. Excel has it coded already as "VLOOKUP", and I am sure dBase "CCLXVI" has it too.

2. Default to turn off "search within splits" since some users may believe it needlessly slows down the search of something more common like cleared status or date.

3. Enable sorting of account list, as we do transactions. This one step by one step pencil pushing exercise, of putting one account to the top above 10 others, is for the birds.

4. Enable ordering of OSUs to suit the user, especially when a TFA is involved. I don't really see why Web connect accounts should follow or lead other accounts in an OSU.

4. Allow moving certain accounts into other groups, advising user of conversion and lost data if that applies. Example: I see a loan I made to someone, and I want that account to be moved from the asset group to the liability group. Can't do that easily, but it may happen when setting up a new account.

5. Enable mass reconciliation of investment entries from cleared status, just as we do credit card, bank accounts, and categorical accounts (like car repairs, house repairs, money sent to wayward children, etc.). Honestly, reconciliations of cleared investment entries are a pain in the **** when done individually, and I cannot see how Quicken can justify that method. Some older data can render cleared entries by the THOUSANDS. All we may want to do is look for RECENT cleared entries like bank data.

7. Multiple deletions should also be allowed, with "undo" as a guardrail, of course.

8. Prompt user to allow memo contents to match entries which refer to the same thing, when they are linked via category or tag. Example:
- My dear ol' truck (DOT) had a water pump replaced, oil changed, timing adjusted, with new water pump, oil, filter, and spark plugs, plus labor, taxes, and EPA disposal fees.
- I have an account for my DOT documenting all that in a split window. It totals to $355.63, and it's on service ticket number "RAS235113".
- In order for the $355.63 in the Visa account to match the DOT account, the items in the split window must categorically assign to the Visa as a matching transfer, but I want "RAS235113" to match the Visa card.
- Now, let's say my DOT needs ANOTHER trip to the garage, I may feel a need to document with a copy/paste of this split entry (for convenience) onto the DOT account and updating its contents. If I change the memo vis-a-vis "RAS ticket number" AFTER I hit "Enter" which registers it and a corresponding Visa entry, the ticket info updated in the DOT entry will NOT update in the linked category Visa entry.
- So, shouldn't the software check for mismatched entries and prompt the user to allow an auto update on any linked account?

9. Allow date changes involved with split transactions, with a user prompt, instead of backtracking on the split window

10. Allow search and mass edit of "notes" as with memos. IT's all data.

11. Allow export of accounts to Excel, Quattro, or text.

12. The reports section is a bit opaque. You often ask it to look for a certain date, of certain accounts, of entries that are cleared. and come up with NOTHING, often not knowing what went off the rails.

13. Enable edits of ALL scheduled transactions. Again I don't see the point of not allowing anything but skipping, editing all future versions, or deleting all future version. Who cares when it is scheduled, or when it later becomes eligible for "entry, edit this instance, edit this and future instances and delete this and future instances".

14. Allow "undo" for dummies like me who accidently change multiple entries without looking first. I did that a couple of days ago and am still angry at myself having to retrieve a backup file and possibly losing hours of work, which I didn't, thank heaven.
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  • Jim_Harman
    Jim_Harman SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Your ideas will get more traction if they are posted separately, because many of us will be in favor of some but not others, or think some are much more important than others.

    I would certainly vote for "undo" but it may be difficult or impossible to implement.

    For your item 3, sorting would imply sorting accounts alphabetically or something. There is already an Idea for allowing drag and drop reordering here.

    Is that more in line with what you are looking for?
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  • Chris_QPW
    Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    This "idea" will never fly.  By putting all of these suggestions into on post, no one can vote on a given idea, and as such Quicken Inc can't judge how much interest there is in a given idea.  You need to post them separately.

    As such I'm only going to comment on some just so you know kind of things.

    #3 can be done if you want them in alphabetical order:  Options -> Alphabetize accounts.
    #4 The reason that Express Web Connect accounts are separated out is because they are updated in parallel.  Direct Connect has the limitation of only doing one at a time.
    #4b (converting accounts) Whereas I think they can be more flexible, it makes no senses to allow any account type to be changed to another, so you would have to specify in your request what account types you believe should be able to be converted to some other account type.
    #5 Functionality already exists.  First off you reconcile investment accounts by first reconciling the shares, and then the cash transactions.  Other than the comparing the reconciling of the shares has to be done manually, but you reconcile the cash transactions with Ctrl+R (gear icon -> Reconcile).  You can also change the reconcile status using gear icon -> Edit Multiple Transactions, select the transactions in the list and by select the Mark Reconcile button.
    #7 Is already supported (the delete part), for investment transactions select gear icon -> Delete Transactions.  Note there isn't an undo.  This would be really nice, but the old database that Quicken is using doesn't support that feature.
    #11 Export to Excel or text of the account transactions or a report is already supported.  As for Quattro who even uses that program anymore?  They stop making it years ago.
    #14 As mentioned would be nice but isn't going to happen.

    As a general statement, on a few of these I couldn't really follow what you wanted, or it seemed so complicated that a general program like Quicken wouldn't be able to do it.  So, I suggest that when you post these separately try state the steps that the program would do as if you were doing them yourself.
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