Quicken Register Window Won't Resize

tfirma Member
I just re-subscribed to Quicken for Windows. When I click the resize icon at the upper right, or when I try to drag the window smaller or drag to move the window, none of that works.

The Quicken windows display full screen, but I am not able to move them or make them smaller in order to use only 1/2 my monitor.


  • Sherlock
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    edited January 10
    To be able to resize a maximized window, you first need to set the window to Restore.  For example:  press Alt + Spacebar and R

    You should then be able to drag the windows borders to resize or you may press Alt + Spacebar andand then use the arrow keys and Enter.

    Note: The Quicken main window has a minimum size of about 750x480 pixels.
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