Manual reconcile not showing the last transactions

Hi. I've been using quicken to manually reconcile for ages. So unless I am going crazy, something has changed;)
In the reconcile popup, I put my statement end date - e.g 12/31/2021.
In Quicken's list of transactions for this statement period, the transactions that are ON the end date do not show up to be reconciled.
The transactions are definitely in my register and definitely have the date.
This has now happened on two different accounts.
Even if I subsequently change my transactions to be the day prior to the end date (eg 12/30/21), they do not show up.


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    What happens if you change you reconcile date to be 1/1/22 or 1/3/22? I would guess this will make those missing transactions appear in the reconcile window. If any additional transactions from 2022 show up, that's fine; just don't check them when you are marking the other transactions as cleared.

    As to why this is happening, click on one of these transactions and open View > Show Inspector. Is the Date Posted at the bottom later than the transaction date at the top? 
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  • I had tried changing the date to 1/1/2022. It didn't make a difference. However, changing it to 1/3/22 (past the date posted (see below)) worked. Ack! Not predictable behavior.
    Thanks so much for the "show inspector" command.
    The date posted (from financial institution) does remain 1/1/22. If that is what is used in reconciliation, then that is a shame because I often need to change the date and it would be confusing.
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    There's really no down side to using a closing date in Quicken's reconciliation which is a few days past the end of the month.

    Meanwhile, go to your Quicken Preferences > Connected Services, and see if the box for "Use posted date for matched transactions" is checked. If it is, try unchecking it and see if the transactions use the actual transaction date rather than the posted date. 
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