Reconciling issue

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I am reconciling a credit card account and after I mark the cleared debit items ($1773.40) the cleared balance is only showing $1703.40 ($70 difference). Don't really want to make an adjustment but can't figure out why it's showing a difference. Any suggestions?


  • The Keeper
    The Keeper Member ✭✭✭✭
    have you checked to make sure the transaction amounts listed on your credit card statement are identical to the amounts you have entered in Quicken? Sometimes our eyes see what we want them to see and we miss an error.

    - Also, have you checked to make sure the amount in the "charges" window is identical to the charges listed on your statement?

    - Any payments/credits you haven't entered?

    - Have you entered the "ending balance" amount correctly?

    - Have you inadvertently unchecked a previously reconciled transaction?

    A credit card reconcile is much simpler than a checking account reconcile so an error should be easy to locate. Look at the transaction amounts closely as you compare them to the credit card statement amount.
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