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  • Paul Nibur
    Paul Nibur Member ✭✭
    I have this same problem with Alliant,and have for many years. Using One Step Update works for a while, then doesn't. My last successful update was a few weeks ago. Over the years I have "fixed" the problem by every conceivable method, up to and including deleting the accounts and starting over. Sometimes it gets fixed, sometimes not. I've been a member of this Credit Union for 43 years and it is a great institution, but it's commitment to work with aggregators like Quicken must be lacking. I have communicated these problems with the CU staff repeatedly over the years but for whatever reason, it has never been fixed very well.

    I suspect the only real solution (if we want to do this) is to manually download transactions from their website, which almost always works. But that creates the issue of not having your accounts reconciled properly as they are with One Step update.
  • Jim_Kirk
    Jim_Kirk Member
    I have the same problem Paul described, and I have tried the exact solutions Paul has.

    When I use Quicken one step update, it includes my BofA and Alliant accounts. There are three accounts for BofA and Alliant, and BofA always works properly, but Alliant reports 0 Transactions available for all 3. I can see from the Alliant website there are posted (not pending but posted) transactions on the account, and I would really like to see these in Quicken.

    Maybe there is a best time of day to best use the Quicken "One Step Update?"

    Any suggestions to get this to work better are appreciated. It's a very frustrating and continuing lousy experience.
  • Burt - Q17 H&B
    Burt - Q17 H&B Member ✭✭
    I, too, have been having problems with One Step Update from Alliant Credit Union. Interestingly, their main website is but their login page is in Sometimes, a one account update works but other times, it does not.
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