How to clean up categories

So over the course of many years, I have someone made multiple categories which have become very cluttering and more complex so is there a way I can delete the ones I don't use and clean up my area?


  • Jim_Harman
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    You don't want to delete categories because then any transactions that use those categories will be Uncategorized. 

    Much better to merge categories if possible, combining the old ones into a newer one. Go to Tools > Category List, right click on a category you do not want to use any more, and select Merge.
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  • BK
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    Building on what @Jim_Harman suggested, you could delete the categories you are not using at all.  How to tell?  Open the category list and click on the gear icon (top right) and select Usage.  The Usage column will show you which categories or sub-categories you are not using at all (0 usage) and delete if you wish, and then which ones you used very little that you can possibly merge/reassign to something else, etc.  It helps if you select "Show: Full list" (top left), as well as "Show hidden categories (bottom left).
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