[PenFed] Quicken behind User back updates opening balance upon online account reset

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I reported this issue to Quicken support via Quicken with all log files

This is for Pentagon Federal CU. upon online update reset or deactivate and re activate to enable download new transactions the Quicken silently updates opening balance for the account, which is Reconciled transaction and should not be updated or block from any update!!!
This leads to incorrect account current balance and nothing can be reconciled as result on-line balance doesn't match to Ending Balance any more.
Please, do NOT allow quicken to make any changes behind User back to Reconciled transactions.
Add User prompt to accept the change to opening balance or decline such change.
This effects every account for Penfed CU for any account reset to enable to download transactions again and again for every reset.
I didn't have such issue several weeks ago and never before. it might be new issue with new several quicken updates for past 3-4 weeks IMHO.

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  • mikek753b
    mikek753b Member ✭✭
    anyone else has this issue? or just me
    I have several accounts with several years transactions, once I removed some other old accounts and truncated to keep like for the last 5 years, so quicken updated opening balance from $0.00 to appropriate values per checking and credit card accounts.

    when I try to update those opening balance transaction I get 2 prompts to be sure I make the change, but when this account resets online update there are no any prompts, but blind opening balance transaction change

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  • mitch cohen
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    Indeed, three days ago I went in to reconcile my four PenFed accounts and found, for the first time in 11 years, that NONE of them would reconcile.  I contacted PenFed and we struggled mightily for about 90 minutes to figure out the problem ... ultimately, they decided to get in touch with me today (Monday 1/31/22) after they could retrieve a consolidated statement from 11/25/2011.  But ... I finally thought today, "this must be some Quicken problem", so I restored a backup from 12/16/2021, which is before I worked for days with Quicken Alyssa to get one-step-update working (it failed for about six weeks).  We finally got it working (after I did a bunch of hokie-pokie changes that still have the developers confused I think) ... and all seemed fine until I went to reconcile the accounts after receiving my 1/25/2022 statement.  After restoring the backup, I found that ALL of my opening balances had been changed (it didn't do it!).  I am now doing what was recommended elsewhere and starting ALL of these accounts with a $0.00 balance, then entering a transaction to set the starting balance (with the earliest date on the account) AND putting the same amount (as text) in the MEMO field (for safe-keeping).  I reported this to Quicken Alyssa in a message just a few minutes ago.
  • mikek753b
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    yes, this is Quicken issue.
    Quicken should NOT modify any Reconciled transactions or opening balance without confirming this with a User.
    Quicken promised to make transactions immutable, unless it's User overwrite action, which also comes with the prompt warning to modify reconciled transaction.

    if you have opening balance as $0.00 it's easy to fix when you spot that 1st transaction was modified and you set it to $0.00
    but, in my case where some accounts were truncated (keep last 6 years or so) transactions or etc the opening balance is NOT $0.00 but specific value, that I was able to get from old backup - takes time

    your idea about put to the MEMO transaction value is good, also will require to go account by account to manually record this, but better vs restore from a backup

    I'd appreciate any updates for this issue to be fixed

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