Navy Federal Credit Union CC-502 error with OSU

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Using Quicken for Windows v. R.37.66. Was working fine yesterday. I have two credit unions I do One Step Update OSU with. the other one still updates fine, but Navy Federal (NFCU) does not. Normally, when I go to update for Navy Federal, I get a box asking how I want my t-step auth code sent--text or email. I pick text then I get a text. But today, that dialog box doesn't come up at all. Quicken just tries to update without asking me that, and it doesn't work. I get a CC-502 error instead. This also happens if I go right to one of my NFCU account registers in Quicken and select "Update Now".
Also just afterwards, I got a text on my phone from Quicken asking to verify the phone number I have set up to use with Quicken. I'm a little leery to click on it, since nothing in the program said I was going to be asked.


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    Hi @aec618, I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing this issue. First, can you go to Help > Report a Problem in Quicken? As far as the text, that is something we send out. What is the phone number that sent you the message, so that I can confirm it was from us? Thank you!
    - Quicken Jade
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