Tax Planner - Change Default Year to the Last One Opened

The Tax Planner currently defaults back to the current year (in this case, 2022) every time Quicken is re-opened. I think it should default to whichever year was last selected. Here's why:

When it's Jan-Mar, I work in the previous year (currently 2021) 99% of the time. Its annoying to have to go through extra clicks to work in the year I'm accessing every day. In addition, because it opens in the current year, I sometimes find myself entering data in the wrong place because I forgot to switch. OTOH, during the rest of the year, most of what I do is in the current year, and I rarely go to the prior one. In both cases, defaulting to the year last opened would result in fewer clicks and, at least to my thinking, make more sense.

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