US Treasury Bond Account

I'm surprised that there isn't a more specific means of recording in Quicken purchases of US Treasury Bonds from TreasuryDirect. I think you need to create an off-line "Brokerage" investment account for the bond purchases but I'm surprised that the account setup dialog doesn't suggest that. Kind of odd to label an account for holding Treasury Bonds as a brokerage account.

Even setting up a bond as a security is a bit convoluted. When you add the bond as security, you have to indicate that you "prefer to enter it manually" before you can find the security type of "US Savings Bond". Who would know that you need to prefer to enter a US savings bond manually? I think I have the bond account set up correctly as a "Brokerage" account in which I prefer to enter securities manually, but the process isn't intuitive and I only learned how to do that by searching the Quicken Community. Quicken Help wasn't much help in figuring out how to do this. If there is a better way to record US Treasury held bonds in Quicken, please let me know.
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    In sincerely doubt that the US Treasury is EVER going to sign the contract with Q/Intuit to become a "Participating Financial Institution" ... which is what it would take for this "Idea' to happen.
    And, an account holding ANY bonds (US Treas, Muni, Corporate, etc) IS by definition a brokerage account.
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