RBC - Missing Transactions

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  • bonnettd
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    last 2 downloads from RBC have had issues (mid Dec then Today).
    I have 6 different accounts set up and when I downloaded the QFX file it is missing random transactions from my Mastercard account only.
    In mid Dec when I downloaded it was missing about 30 transactions in the middle of what downloaded. Today it was missing just 1 random one.
    All other accounts download correctly.
  • I think that I have also been seeing this with my Visa Credit Card. My connection method is to use RBC's interface to download transactions.

    I'd say over the past month or so it seems that when I attempt to reconcile the RBC Visa card account there is a mismatch with the Online balance due to a small number of missing transactions.
  • bonnettd
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    this sounds like the same problem. I did discover I can export the account transactions from RBC into Excel and everything is there. So I'm not sure if this is a Quicken problem or something from RBC