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Is there a way to have the memo columns show reports as a default?  I understand it cannot be done globally for accounts but you can do it one account it is at a time. What about reports?  If I cannot do it globally, can I save it in a custom report?  It gets tedious to have to add the column for each transaction report.
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    There's no way to adjust the default columns. I agree it would be nice.

    But you can certainly save a custom report as a template to further customize later. Just start a new Transaction report (menu Reports > Create a Transaction Report). Choose the row type you want and click Continue to Customize. Change the date range or any of the filters you would want for your template and click OK. Add the memo column (button View > Columns). Then close the report. You will be asked to save the report. Click Save as Custom Report and give it a name such as Transaction Report Template and click OK. You will find the report listed under My Reports in the Reports menu or by clicking My Reports in the sidebar on the Reports screen. Next time you want to create a Transaction report, start with this one instead of creating a new Transactions report from scratch.
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