Bill payment has failed - Chase credit card

My issue was pretty well described in this thread:

I too have been paying my Chase card without problems using QuickPay. I had previously verified this payer and, after a failed payment in July of 2021, I went through the verifications steps and the payments for Aug - Dec 2021 worked just fine.

I get that the banks might require reverification after some number of logins, but only finding out on the date one has scheduled the payment is HORRIBLE. The steps to remedy this were the same ones listed in the thread above. In my case, I tried refreshing the bill before I paid it, and Quicken said the bill wasn't available yet (and it takes a minute or two to figure that out). Since I had the Chase statement in hand, I went ahead and scheduled the payment.

It was only today, when the payment was supposed to be made, that Quicken told me it was cancelled, and I had to reissue after downloading the bill. Of course, Quicken won't issue a payment fast enough to make the deadline, so I had to manually pay the bill.

THIS NEVER HAPPENED with the old BillPay -- bill payments that worked once just kept working. Why does this "new and improved" Quicken payment system fail so frequently?

[Removed - Rant]

It would be great if someone from Quicken would explain this issue and what they are doing to solve it!