Anyone else having a "Please enter a valid date" error when reconciling acccounts after R37.66?

Jnic Member ✭✭
I just updated to R37.66, on my Windows 10 computer yesterday. Now when I use the quicken calendar box to enter a date for the reconcile an investment account popup; I get a "Please enter a valid date" error message and cannot reconcile my account. When I type in a date from the keyboard it works. It appears that Quicken no longer recognizes its calendar date entry box. [Removed-Disruptive]. Anyone else???


  • ALG77
    ALG77 Member
    Having the same issue and not seeing a resolution yet.
  • jil
    jil Member
    Yup. I get that error randomly, and also every time after I reconcile an account. Quicken used to be rock solid. Now it is filled with quiks.
  • jil
    jil Member
  • Paula Zajac
    Paula Zajac Member
    edited February 25
    I've got the same problem. [Removed - Rant]
  • 1captainj
    1captainj Member ✭✭
    It has been doing this since the beginning of 2022
  • zaasdfcx
    zaasdfcx Member
    Lots of issues/quirks have started to quality control?
  • Jnic
    Jnic Member ✭✭
    Well it's been a while since this problem went away. But, it's back again. Can't reconcile account because Quicken doesn't recognize that I entered a valid date. Does anyone have a resolution or is it a Quicken Quirk that comes and goes with updates?