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Effective 1/1/2022, my T. Rowe Price mutual fund changed to a CIT (Collective Investment Trust) version of that fund.  The Security Name is unchanged, but the former TRLGX Symbol needs to be removed (no ticker for the new CIT flavor) in order for my Price History to now download from my fund account "prices" rather than the no longer applicable former Symbol.

My attempts to remove the ticker symbol runs afoul of Quicken stating . . . "This security is already in your security list".  It seems I can't alter the Symbol field for an active Security.  The transaction download continues ok [which is good], but the prices that are downloaded are based on the "old" Ticker Symbol; where if I can "blank out" the Symbol field [set the old TRLGX to blank], then the new CIT prices should download along with the transactions.
The wrinkle is the brokerage house kept the same name (before and after 1/1/2022), but the underlying security prices have changed (from a mutual fund type vehicle to a CIT).
I've tried various ways to "trick" Quicken to let me remove the "old" Ticker Symbol, but I have not found the approach.

Thoughts anyone?
Thank you in advance.



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    The solution here is to put a nonsense symbol (e.g., "SYM12345") in the field rather than trying to blank it out. When you do that, you will get a message that Quicken can't find the security and that prices will need to be downloaded manually. 

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