how to prevent having to reset account?

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up until loading quicken app updates, I was able to download bank transactions without issue. cc-506 error when trying to download bank transactions using express web connect. the issue returned after loading quicken app updates. quicken automatically loaded updates when I started the app. then, to fix, I reset the account by editing it from the account list page. that was successful, but now I have many random duplicates dating back to october 2021. 1) can I avoid having to search and delete duplicates by restoring from backup? 2) more importantly, how do I fix this for good so I never have to reset the account again?



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    Which bank?
    For how long have you been getting this message and how often does it occur?
    If you have not already done so you might want to read this Support Article: Message When Using Online Services: CC-506 [Support Article].
    This Support Article states that the first troubleshooting process to use is Update Now.  Have you tried doing that?  This will often (not always) resolve CC-5XX error codes.
    For many other error codes Reset Account is listed as the 2nd troubleshooting step to take when Update Now does not resolve the issue.  But for this error code it is not even listed as a suggested troubleshooting step.  Usually, Reset Account will not cause duplicate transactions to be downloaded and perhaps that is why it is not suggested in the Support Article.  Whenever I see that happening I stop doing it.
    If Update Now does not resolve the issue, you will probably need to follow the deactivate/reactivate process spelled out in the Support Article...don't forget to remove the Financial Institution information from the General tab of Account Details. This deactivate/reactivate process will likely cause duplicate transactions to be entered into the account register but if it is successful it should stop the CC-506 error codes (or at least reduce the frequency of them).
    (QW Premier Subscription: R44.20 on Windows 10)
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    deactivate account does not work. I can deactivate over and over, and cannot clear any fields except account name. I cannot edit any other fields.
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