2 Quicken IDs and one Schwab login credentials

I understand from Quicken Kathryn's 12/6 post that under one set of Schwab login credentials, multiple Quicken files can be used but only if they are all under the same Quicken ID. My situation is multiple Quicken files under each of two Quicken IDs, all accessing Schwab (up until now) with the same Schwab login credentials. I don't at all mean to sound snarky, but I really need a clear answer to these questions:

1. Is this something that Quicken plans to fix, or is it something Quicken users need to live with?
2. Is it possible to change the Quicken ID on one set of accounts to the other Quicken ID, so that all accounts would be under the same Quicken ID? And of course, would this solve the problem?
3. If it's possible, would changing the Schwab login credentials on the accounts under one of the Quicken IDs solve the problem?

I really hope someone can answer this soon. Thank you.


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    I can't speak for Quicken Inc, but here is what I think the answers are:

    1. I don't think this is something Quicken can fix.  As in somehow Schwab knows what the Quicken Id is and is using it to determine what accounts/data files that are allowed.  I could be wrong about this, and I hope that Quicken Inc will clarify this.
    2. All you have to do to change a Quicken data file to another Quicken Id is to log out of the current one, and log back in with the new one.  Edit -> Quicken ID & Cloud Accounts -> Sign in as a different user.  Of course, this has ramifications, I assume there as some reason you had two Quicken Ids in the first place?
    3. At least according to @Quicken Kathryn's post this wouldn't help.  Besides I can certainly see where this wouldn't be possible. For instances I can't put both my and my wife's IRAs under the same login credentials.
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  • Thanks for your responses:
    1. I hope womeone from Quicken will answer this one.
    2. I'm set up this way to help keep a wall between business and personal recrodkeeping, but might need to sacrifice this.
    3. I was thinking the same as you, but hoping maybe someone out there knew something I don't.
    Thanks again.
  • And maybe next time I'll check the spelling before I post. :/
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