Matched transaction difficulty between synced and manually entered account

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I'm having trouble connecting one of my credit cards to sync online. All other accounts auto sync. I manually entered a credit card payment and it creates a matching transaction in my account that I paid the card with. So far so good. But when I sync my accounts, it always adds an additional transaction from my payable account anytime I have a transaction that pays my credit card because it doesn't have a matching download ID.

I think I can fix this by unmatching the manual transactions and force matching the manual to the automatically downloaded transaction, but I can't seem to figure out a way to do this. Anyone have any suggestions here?


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    Sounds like you have Quicken automatically enter the downloaded transactions.  I would turn that off so that you have control over whether the transaction should be considered "New" or a "Match".
    Make a backup first, then you can try anything you want and if you don't like the results, do a restore and try again.
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    Thanks for the reply @splasher . The transaction syncing feature is the only reason why we went with quicken. It works flawlessly for everything except this particular circumstance where we are having trouble connecting this one credit card account to our account list so we manually entered the transactions for this one credit card while we work with the CC company to try to resolve it.

    To be honest, I'd rather cancel my credit card than give up the automatic syncing feature. There has to be a simple way to just force link and unlink two transactions, but the faq on the quicken support site doesn't seem to be compatible with the latest quicken subscription software.
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    There is "Undo accept all transactions", but you have to do it right after they are accepted AND I don't know if it is available if you are having Quicken Auto Accept transactions when downloaded since I don't do it that way.
    I believe @Chris_QPW might be able to shed some light on this, so I tagged him and hopefully he will have a definite answer.
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    -also older versions as needed for testing
    -Questions? Check out the  Quicken Windows FAQ list
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    EDITED for some typos, and to clarify a few points.

    The first thing I will say is that I don't know why this transaction isn't matching, provided that the amounts are exactly the same.

    The Downloaded ID doesn't come into play here.  Even though Quicken creates a linked transaction between the two accounts both accounts are separate downloads with separate sets of Downloaded IDs.  Quicken isn't using them in the match at all.  The Downloaded IDs are actually used to see if a transaction has already been downloaded into that register and if it sees that downloaded Id again, ignore it so that it doesn't get duplicates.  It isn't use in matching your manually entered transaction, which doesn't have a downloaded Id.  For the most part Quicken only uses the amount for matching.  It also has a cutoff of 30 days so that it doesn't match a really old transaction.  In that date range Quicken will match the first transaction with that amount even if the dates aren't very close, as in it doesn't use the downloaded date as a hint to match the "closest".  The last thing it looks for matching is the check number field.  This can help or hurt.  If you enter a check number, and there is one is the downloaded transaction it will match that transaction ignoring any other transactions that might have the same amount.  But if you any mismatch between the two will cause Quicken not to match them, either you not entering the check number or the downloaded transaction information not having the check number in it.

    Note that I have reminders for my credit card payments, so I have "manual entered" transactions entered before the downloaded transaction comes in (which is another requirement I forgot for matching, the manually entered transactions should be entered into the register before you download the one from the financial institution), but many times I have to manually match because the amounts aren't the same.  I pay my bill in full automatically.  The reason for the amount to different is because if you return something between the time the statement closes, and you pay the bill they give you credit and reduce the amount of the bill.

    Sorry for that long winded explanation, but hopefully something in it will help get the core problem fixed. 

    Now back why @splasher flagged me, the manual matching when in automatic transaction entry mode is on.

    The first thing you have to know is that you can only match exact amounts.  If the amount in the manually entered transaction is wrong, you need to first change it.

    Here is an example of the process.   First how they downloaded.

    After I have corrected the amount:

    Now for the part that isn't very obvious.  Click on the red pencil/Uncleared and you will get this menu:

    Select Match to a downloaded transaction and you get this dialog:

    Given that this match is only to transactions with the exact same amount, usually all you have to do is select Accept Match.  If there was more than one transaction in the list, you would first select the correct one.

    The result:

    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
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