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Support for IE 11 ends on 6-15-22. My default browser is Firefox. I reuse to use MS Edge for personal and privacy reasons. Will Quicken operate using Firefox?


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    The simple answer should be that Quicken shouldn't have any problem with you using Firefox or the support of IE 11 going away.

    Here is the long answer:
    There are two uses of "web browsers" in Quicken, embedded and then "your default we browser".
    As the name implies the embedded one is code that calls libraries that carry out the same kinds of functions that a web browser does.  For instance, when you bring up Help (F1) that if first brought up in the embedded web browser.  And there are other such functions like the MorningStar X-Ray portfolio, the Tax Planner, parts of the Lifetime Planner that all require such functionality, and "your default web browser" can't even be used for this purpose.  In the past the "backend libraries" of this were what IE is using, and as such the ending of support for IE might affect it.  But hopefully Quicken Inc (and Microsoft for that matter) have ensured that the ending of the support won't break this kind of functionality.

    For some (very rare) functions Quicken actually invokes an external web browser, when it does, it will be your default one, and it should be displaying standard web pages from some site and as such work just fine.
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
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