How do I permanently delete a damaged transaction?

trudi.cooper44 Member ✭✭
I have a damaged transaction in my credit card account. I am unable to permanently delete it OR modify it in any way. The error message is: "Can't modify this transaction because it has been damaged. Please delete it and create a new one." I am able to delete the transaction and save my work before closing the program. However, whenever I reopen Quicken, the same transaction reappears, and throws off the ending balance. When I reconcile the account, this transaction is not recognized. I tried entering a credit for this entry which adjusts the ending balance, but then I have to remember to not include that entry when I reconcile the account. The entry is from December 2021, so there are tons of entries I would have to recreate. I no longer have back-ups from December. Does anyone have a helpful suggestion?


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