Lastest release messed up my account transactions

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I have added 5 transaction to an account. After closing quicken and opening quicken later, the five transactions do not display. Balance goes back to previous balance and the transaction spaces are blank with the next transaction being 6 spaces down. The account is locked out. I can not add new transaction. I restored from backup several times. I am so ready to dump quicken. I have been using it for almost 25 years.


  • Chic
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    I created a test account. Added 3 transactions to it for 100 each. After shut down and return to account, it had 3 blank transaction with a zero balance even though the side memo show -300 balance and said it had 3 transaction. I suspect that my data file got corrupted with one of the receipt updates.
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    Please follow this procedure, using a Windows User Account with full Administrator privileges to remove all parts of your Quicken software (except your Quicken data files) and reinstall it:

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