Passwords Disappeared from Vault and Check Pay Payees Also Disappeared

markberlind Member ✭✭
This past Saturday, after downloading/installing the latest Quicken Release, all my Check Pay Payees - along with the option for Check Pay -- disappeared from Payable Items. Reading through another thread, I checked to see if my checking account is still connected, and found to my dismay that it had been disconnected and now I need to re-verify. So I'm now waiting for that to happen and will see whether reactivating my checking account will restore all my Payees. But even if it does, it doesn't explain why they disappeared and this is not a good user experience at all.

To complete the picture, my Check Pay Payees was not the only thing that disappeared after installation of the latest Release. In addition, all my financial institution account passwords disappeared from the password vault, and had to be manually restored, one-by-one. Then, when I installed them, deactivated the accounts and reactivated each of them, they all connected OK but "refreshed data" such that 3-4 months of data that had already been downloaded was downloaded in duplicate. HELP!

I'll also add that, after I saw that all the vault passwords had disappeared, I first tried restoring from a backup file, which didn't help. Then, I uninstalled and reinstalled the entire program twice, but both the Check Pay and financial account problems described above remained.

Finally, I just spent an hour with Customer Service on the phone and they were unable to diagnose this issue, and offered the hope that it won't happen again. They also said they don't know whether my Check Pay payees will reappear once my bank account is re-verified, and said that, if they don't, I'll need to manually re-enter all the information.
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