Using Express Web Connect with Truist bank

I was a Quicken Direct Connect (DC) checking acct customer with SunTrust bank for 20+ yrs, and today I completed the switch to Truist bank, using the free Express Web Connect (EWC) method. For me, the major difference in using EWC with Truist is that my sent future bill payments are not being annotated in-turn by Truist as a received/pending bill payment. The result is that I have no cross-check verification from Truist that my sent bill payments have been received and are scheduled to be paid. Truist is keeping me blind about the status of my pending bill payments. I have no certainty from Truist that the bill will be paid on time. The Truist bank register DOES NOT show the bill payment until AFTER it has been paid, which I find ridiculous and appalling in today’s world of digital banking. It’s entirely possible that I will not know if the bill has been paid on time until I get hit with a late bill payment penalty by a creditor.
Truist simply needs to show the scheduled bill payment in their account register, and mark it in my Quicken register as a pending payment right after I send it to them, just as has always been done routinely when using the SunTrust DC method. That said, it just now occurs to me that since I didn’t set up a DC method with Truist, I really don’t know how DC bill payments are being handled by Truist; perhaps another Quicken user can tell us if DC bill payments with Truist are fine or just as messed up as they are using EWC. I'm now attempting to contact Truist with this complaint in hopes of an easy remedy for everyone. Would also hope the Quicken team could reach out and address this important issue with their contacts at Truist.


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    Follow-up: I spoke with a member of Truist's Digital Banking Support Team about this EWC acct register problem. She said it's a known issue that is on their list of tech fixes to be addressed soon after the official SunTrust-to-Truist activation date of 20 Feb.
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    FWIW: Yesterday I tried changing my Truist connection method to Direct Connect, as a test to see if Truist would update my Quicken register with my pending bill payments. However, the only connection choice available was still Express Web Connect.
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    Beware! I'm still using Quicken's Express Web Connect with my Truist checking acct. Today, I did a monthly One Step Update (OSU), and when all was done my Quicken register balance was $547 less than it should be! So, I examined the various transactions in the register, and eventually found several duplicate (by Truist) register entries for various "cleared" expense payments I made last month. I deleted these Truist duplicates and the balance is now correct. Over the previous 20 yrs, I never had any problems with Suntrust Bank using Direct Connect.
    EDIT: 3 Feb - Today I noted that one of my recent bill payments had cleared, so I did an OSU to see if it would again be duplicated in my Quicken register. This time it did not duplicate the entry; instead it simply updated my original register entry with an R (reconciled) annotation, which is exactly what it should do. Perhaps the previous problem with the duplicate entries was because those entries were originally made/processed in my Suntrust account vs in the "new" Truist account.
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    To avoid this once I too got bitten by it, I made a copy of a backed up data file, changed over to Truist, did the OSU, and then deleted that data account. Then after making a backup of my good data file, made the same migration to Truist and then was able to sync. The bank had available dual connection channels and transactions for Truist and BB&T and Truist and STI. I am from the BB&T side and was having all sorts of issues syncing. I had not seen where we were to change to Truist. Anyway, since changing it is working well aside from the lost online center transfer and functions that are no longer available.
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    I am trying to convert from Suntrust to Truist as well, and going through the 'Data File Registration' process that they outline. It keeps erroring out on me with a message... 'Record not found for OlbNumber'. Anybody know what that is or how to get around it????