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    This month I got my first check pay not paid on time.. I always have my check pay to be paid at least 3 days before the due date so I can take steps if the payment is not received.. Well this time with a weekend and a holiday added in, I didn't make it.. I talked to Quicken support and got no satisfaction at all..
    I entered the check on 1/3/2022 and Bill Pay said the estimated delivery date was 1/11/2022.. This tracked about what I had been seeing in my previous payments without any problems.. Today after seeing my payment had not been received by my biller, I checked and the Quicken status showed expected delivery of 1/18/2022.. This is after the due date.. I asked Quicken support where they were getting the expected delivery date of the 18th unless it was not mailed when it was scheduled.. Told them it would not be logical for me to schedule a payment that would not be delivered until after the due date where I would be charged late fees..
    The quick pay feature seems to be working OK but once there is a printed check that in turn has to be mailed looks to no longer be a valid option if there is any sort of a due date. [Removed - Rant]
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