Credit Report - $500k in credit card debt? Wow!

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Hey guys... I have a couple of houses, so I have two mortgages. I have no credit card debt, except for whatever happens to be on the credit card at the time when my monthly credit score is calculated. I pay off my credit cards to a 0 balance sometimes two or more times per month. Point being, I never have revolving credit debt... it's always paid off.

I ran my free credit score at the bottom (it's good... over 800), but it says, and I quote:


Obviously... this is not my credit card, it's including the $235k that I owe on my mortgage (rental) in Fort Lauderdale, and the $342k I owe on my mortgage (primary) in Tampa.

Is this normal to lump mortgage debt in as credit card debt? It obviously hasn't affected my credit score, but damn... it's like a solid red... saying that I'm using 82% of my credit limit... which is obviously not correct. Thoughts?



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    @Quicken Anja @Quicken Sarah @Quicken Colin @Quicken Harold There are several threads in the forums that detail this same issue. This issue seemed to have popped up a few months ago. This is not an Equifax issue. Quicken says my CC usage is 64%. My actual utilization is only 2%. Can we get an acknowledgement that this is a known issue and the team is working on it?????
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    WHERE is Quicken making this claim? And why do believe the the credit agencies are NOT sending it incorrectly?
    Somewhere, some credit agency thinks that your mortgages are credit cards.  Quicken can't possibly fix that.
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