When I want to enter loan payments, the tenant rent payment window pops up

I have multiple loans in my rental activity Quicken file, but on some of them, I cannot enter the loan payments, every time I want to enter a loan payment, a window opens to enter a rental transaction.
Same problem with editing the loan payment reminder. Every time I do, it opens the "Edit Rental Property Tenant" screen, instead.

I see that someone brought up this issue in 2020 but the discussion was closed and none of the solutions worked.

see link: https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7879866/edit-loan-reminder-actually-opens-edit-rental-property-tenant

I already called the quicken helpline, he didn't understand and was supposed to call me back but he didn't

any help please



  • UKR
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    Without being able to see how this looks in your file, I'll have to fire shots in the dark.
    Here's one: Is it possible that there is a conflict with the name of the loan or the name of the reminder exactly matching the name of a property?

    Where are our RPM experts when you need them???
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