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Quicken locked me out from doing much because I wouldn't pay my dues. The things they promise they will do they don't do it. I only use to maintain my accounting of our expenses and income.


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    Well, what version ..... Help --> About Quicken
    If using the STARTER version, it will indeed revert to Read/Only after expiration -
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    Quicken's subscription documentation is pretty clear (both in the EULA that we needed to agree to before Quicken installation could be completed) and in their online documentation ( that when our subscription expires and if we do not renew it we will lose all online services (including no more transaction downloads, securities quotations, Quicken Mobile, Quicken on the Web, etc.) but we can continue to use Quicken manually except with Starter which will become read only. 
    Your profile shows you are using Quicken 2017 which was the last of the stand-alone programs, not subscription.  For those stand-alone programs, the license we got when we bought it was for 3 yrs of online services after which the online services would be discontinued but the program could continue to be used manually.
    So, what is it that you think Quicken promised you that they have not delivered on?
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    Anything we subscribe to such as club membership, magazine, TV & Internet service, home utilities, software, etc. comes with some type of agreement which we read and agreed.  When we choose to end it or let it expire, they will limit or deny us access based on the terms of the agreement.  The good news is that most entities are happy to get us back on track once we renew and I am sure Quicken will do the same.  You can use this as an opportunity to evaluate various offerings of Quicken to decide which one meets your specific needs if you wish.
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    BUT, you can't renew Q2017. Quicken doesn't sell that any more.  So, you either need to purchase the current version of Q, or continue with what you've got with the contractual limitations that have been previously discussed.
    I.E., There's no such thing as a free lunch.
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