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Looks like we can manually go in and hide accounts from our display, but there's no way to hide accounts with < $N market value. This seems obvious and as a software engineer, very easy to implement.

The reason I ask is that one of the accounts I use unfortunately populates each stock / ETF / position as a separate account so I now have over 50 individual ones where most have $0 value.

Anyone know if this is implemented already? Thanks
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  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    There is no auto-hiding of accounts. (Which in my opinion, is a good thing.)

    I'd be more interested in pursuing how these accounts are being created. If it's actually one account with various stock & EFT holdings, that's exactly how it should appear in Quicken: one account, holding multiple securities. Is each download from the financial institution causing new accounts to be created. If so, it sounds like they're doing something wrong. Please share what financial institution this is, and also what type of connection (Direct Connect or Quicken Connect) it's set up to use. 
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