OL-362-A error with Multiple Fidelity Investment Accounts

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I am receiving an OL-362-A error when trying to link 3 Fidelity Investment Accounts. Two are in my name and one in my Wife's. All with Separate account information. The two in my name have a single login ID. the one in my Wife's name has a separate login id. I can reset the account information as described in the help article for mine and then my two accounts will update but my wife's will not, and I can reset my wife's account and it will work but then my two accounts will not. Each time I cycle through resetting my two accounts or my wife's, the error message alternates to the one I did not reset. That message being OL-362-A. I have tried resetting all three, and then readding my two accounts, then my wife's does not work. Then I readd her, and then my two accounts do not work. And on it goes. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a fix? I can't seem to get an answer out of Quicken. It does not seem to be a Fidelity problem since the data is downloading and the error message is reporting that my financial institution has downloaded data for 2 additional accounts that does not exist in your quicken data file (after I have reset my Wife's account) and alternatively, after I have reset my two accounts that my financial institution has downloaded data for an additional account that does not exist in your quicken data file. In both cases, Fidelity looks to be sending the correct information, just Quicken seems to think that only one Fidelity login can exist for all fidelity accounts.


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    Wow - After searching this forum for about an hour and reading through several OL-362-A errors, I found a very long thread from Feb 21 to Dec 21 with similar problems. And a LOT of diagnostic efforts by people including killing processes, creating copies of files, multiple tests, reporting a problem. The last one seemed to be to simply close and re-start Quicken. I tried that (after already trying to drop and re-add the accounts, and drop and re-add the baking direct connect information several times as well as dropping all my passwords and re-creating the vault). After 3 hours, I finally found the thread I mentioned "OL-362-A Error on multiple accounts" and tried just exiting and re-starting (after I recreated and dropped the accounts and links). I've been in tech for 35 years and IT outsourcing for about 25, program in 34 different languages and oversee about 2600 global resources that outsource Development, Service Desk and Infrastructure services for large companies around the globe. [Removed-Disruptive] step 1 - drop and re-add your account info step 2 - exit and re-open quicken. That's it. Easy message to put in the pop-up when the error shows up. [Removed-Disruptive]
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