Add Keyboard Shortcut to Show/Hide Sidebar

This would be especially helpful when running Quicken on a laptop where screen space is limited.
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  • jacobs
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    @bfrank I agree this would be useful.

    That said, this is something you can easily set up for yourself.  the key is that in addition to the little icon at the top of the sidebar, there are also menu commands: on the View menu, there is a Hide Sidebar command, which changes to Show Sidebar when the sidebar is hidden. And in macOS, you can create a keyboard shortcut in any program for anything which appears in a menu!

    • Open your Mac's System Preferences
    • Click on Keyboard
    • Click on Shortcuts
    • Click on App Shortcuts
    • Click the + icon  to create a new shortcut
    • In the pop-up window, select Application: Quicken (not the default All Applications)
    • For Menu Title, type Hide Sidebar
    • Define what key combination you want for this shortcut (such as Control-Option-S, or whatever you want)
    • Repeat the last four steps to create a second shortcut for Show Sidebar (you can use the same keystroke)

    In Quicken, pull down the View menu and you'll see your new keyboard command appears next to Hide Sidebar. Click your shortcut to see the sidebar hide, and click it again to make your sidebar show.

    Mission accomplished! 

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  • Lion55
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    Good suggestion. One comment.

    Check existing quicken keyboard shortcut list at the web site first. As of May, 2023, Command+Option+S is used to show splits. However, both Command+Control+S and Command+S appear to be free in Quicken for Mac. Since Command+S is File-Save in other Mac programs, may want to use the other key combination just to be safe.

  • jacobs
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    [Duplicate post]

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