undesirable behavior for reminders in relation to linked bills

I can't TELL you how many times I have set up and re-set this up now and it's still not correct. I'll explain what I'm wanting quicken to do, which i believe is as it's designed to do, but correct me where I may be wrong. I'll provide some backstory and some examples of what I'm experiencing and hopefully that gives a good picture of where I'm at with this. NOTE: I am NOT an accountant/financial advisor/financial anything... That's pretty much the entire reason I purchased this tool, to manage it for me, but i find myself having to "baby it" along more than anything (overall), I am however, a skilled IT pro so I feel I should at the very least be able to grasp the logic of this program, and yet I still struggle.

Historically, I've simply used this program to monitor what my finances are doing at a high level. Meaning, I like to see what my money is doing before and after bills. My online bank was set up to pay amounts on a specific day and i would enter in the amounts prior to that day and when the target day would come, all bills would be paid at the specified amount. I pay all of my bills on the 7th of every month. End of story, no flexibility here.

Recently, I have switched to Quicken Deluxe which adds in the Bill Pay/Manager feature that seems as if it does much of the same function as my online bank with the added value of being able to manage my bills and finances in a single spot. ...what a great concept...it seemed.

Here's what i want...
I want ALL bill reminders to be shown on the calendar on the 7th every month, both manual and online bills. I want anything that has been set up as a 'manual bill' to be a static amount and/or an amount shown based on previous payments or time of year. in terms of my credit card, I pay the full amount every month; so I want the full balance of the credit card to show on the 7th the full amount of the credit card and update that amount when it grabs the latest online balance of the card. Anything that is an online bill, I want the calendar reminder to, again, show every month on the 7th and assume amounts based on previous payments until an online bill becomes available THEN update to the specific amount, staying on the 7th. When the bill is payed, I want it to turn gray, else turn red.

I really feel like this is a simple ask within the confines of this program, but I get all sorts of erratic results when I'm trying to do this. If EVERYTHING is a manual reminder... I believe it's ok and reminders show on the 7th like they're supposed to, but it's not until I start linking the reminders to online bills that everything goes sideways. Dates changing, I get duplicate entries of the same bill reminder on the day...and it's not 2 different reminders, it's THE SAME reminder...duplicated...meaning, If I delete 1 reminder and they both disappear. I will see entries not have a value, even though i have selected (estimate amount).

I have provided screenshots for reference, please assist, I've decided to start paying my bills this way, but if i can't achieve good results with this then I would like to forego having paid for the deluxe edition as i have just recently done this...if this can't work correctly, I would like to downgrade and have a refund for the upgrade provided; and I'll continue to pay through online banking.


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    after much fighting with this i researched and made a backup of the quicken data file then validated and repaired the file which seemed to have fix some of the duplication...this still isn't 100% correct, but it's a start...
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