R37.67 Cannot Run at Same Time as Chrome Browser

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Is anyone else having issues trying to use Quicken and Chrome at the same time? Once you switch between the two even once, Quicken's register starts having trouble, and so do mouse clicks within Quicken. Try to swap between them a few times and you can get the entire Windows system to become unresponsive except to keystroke commands: almost any window, including Task Manager, will also become unresponsive.

I hope some developers are reading these threads and researching this. I believe the problem is related to Quicken's use of EssentialObjects behind the scenes, because that is also Chrome based. Starting a Chrome session and interacting between the two programs is the only way this issue arises. The tipoff to me was using the Windows Logo key and tabbing over to try to shut down the computer. It warned me of three trying to close 3 apps: one was Quicken Deluxe, one was Task Manager, and the other curiously just said "Waiting for EO Controls to shutdown". In that last one, EO = EssentialObjects, and that's where I'd look to find what is going on here.


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    I cannot reproduce your issue. My Quicken R37.67 and Chrome Version 97.0.4692.99 (Official Build) (64-bit) coexist peacefully. Nor can I find any evidence of EO Controls on my Windows 10 Pro PC. Are you on Win11 maybe?
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    just sharing -
    take a look here --> C:\Program Files (x86)\
    and see if the EO modules are installed as a sub-folder .... I don't have Chrome - and I don't have \EO\ modules

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    I don't use Chrome so I certainly can't reproduce this problem but Quicken does use the Chrome Embedded Framework for displaying web pages.

    If you look at Quicken in the Task manager:

    you see all these "CEF Subprocesses".
    You can find that these are: C:\Program Files (x86)\Quicken\qwSubprocess.exe.

    Doing a little research on CEF Subprocess:


    If you do things that use this, you will see more of these sub processes popup under the Quicken task in the Task manager.  For instance, F1 or go to Morning Star X-Ray Portfolio if you have Quicken Windows Premier or above.
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    It is a Windows 11 install, also up to date completely and still doing this. It is insanity :) You can see the "EO.xxxx" files inside the Program Files(x86)\Quicken location.
  • CashMan
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    Here is an image of the files that Quicken is using the render the Register and probably other things. Something about this release on Windows 11 isn't getting along :(.
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    The image:
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    Quicken R37.67 and Google Chrome version 97.0.4692.99 on Windows 11 and it works fine for me.
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    just looked - - R37.37 - Win 10 - not running Chrome -
    and I do have the EO modules in the \Quicken\ Program Files(x86)  sub-dir

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    I'm fairly certain it has something to do with Windows 11 as well. There are also web pages that I've visited quite often that are not rendering/operating correctly in any Chrome based browser now :neutral:
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