Is anyone able to use Schwab within Quicken successfully at this point?

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For me Schwab has been unable to download successfully from within Quicken since late November. The answer that the Quicken Team is still working on strains credibility.  over two months to correct a software error affecting many Schwab customers.  So if you are able to download Schwab at this time, please let us know, and what you did to effect a solution.


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    I know how frustrating it can be - but for me ... I WAITED until the dust settled, and the various hotfixes were out, then updated Quicken to the R37.37 release, and walked thru the set of Quicken defined steps to DE-activate the Schwab accounts, then RE-activate, authorize on the Schwab website, connect and LINK the Schwab accounts with our existing Quicken accounts, downloaded that initial set of transactions, fix up the duplicates, and done -
    All has been well since that point in time - ...
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    Thank you very kindly. At least I know that one person has successfully resumed using Schwab with Quicken.  I will give it a try later in the week. I deactivated the uploading, but not the accounts, so I will try to add them back, knowing that it is possible now. 
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    woppenhe said:  I deactivated the uploading, but not the accounts
    BTW... it's "download" from Schwab to you ....
    Download latest Quicken release

    Second, deactivate your Charles Schwab accounts:

        Select the Tools menu and select Account List.
        In the Account List,
    select the account(s) for which you want to deactivate online services, and then click Edit.
    You will want to deactivate the accounts with the financial institution showing as:
            Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (or zz Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.)
            Charles Schwab Bank, N.A. (or zz Charles Schwab Bank, N.A.)
        In the Account Details window, click the Online Services tab.
        Click Deactivate next to the service you want to disable.
        Click Yes to the message asking if you want to disable this service.
            Note: When deactivating a Direct Connect account,
    you may see an additional prompt advising you to contact your bank to cancel the Direct Connect service.
    You do not need to contact Schwab in connection with this change.
        Click OK to the confirmation message.  

    Third, re-add the Charles Schwab accounts under their new instance:

        Go to Tools > Add Account.
        Select Charles Schwab & Co, Inc.
    as the name of the financial institution, and click Next.
        A browser window will open
    and prompt you to log in to Charles Schwab with your Charles Schwab credentials.
        A list of the Charles Schwab accounts available for download in Quicken will appear.
    Select all of these accounts and LINK them to your existing accounts in Quicken.

    Lastly, review your transactions:

    Because of the changes with this new transaction method,
    we recommend you review all your new transactions
    (the ones in the compare-to-register list or in the register with a blue dot next to them) for possible duplicates.

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    I also have been unable to see any results from One Step Update on one of my Quicken Premier data files with five Schwab accounts. It works properly on a second one that has two Schwab accounts. On the one where OSU does not work, I can obtain all the Schwab transactions using the Online Center.
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    Well, they say it is now resolved.  I will give it a try later this week, but if anyone if having success, please let us know here. I have transferred most of my assets out of Schwab at this time, so I have less need than I did, but I would like to complete my 2021 data set.  I had deactivated Schwab accounts last December. So I will simply try adding them back.
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