Release 37.67 - Now Checking not reconciling properly - off by $300

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My Quicken did an automatic update, installing Release 37.67 and now my register for my checking account is off by $300. Similar happened a couple years ago and I ended up having to open a new file and start all over. Quicken support was no help. Since that time, I have downloaded the transactions through my bank, rather than through Quicken with no problems. Now, suddenly the problem is back. (It's only been 10 days since my last download, so it is clear there isn't a missing $300 tx somewhere.)

Help! I am so frustrated.


  • Tom Young
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    One thing you might try is to open a backup file that's earlier than the date of the update to R37.67 and look at the opening balance of the Account and see if that's the same number in your current "live" file.  From time to time there are reports of having that opening balance change.
    Quicken should have made a backup of your live file immediate before the update.
  • Sandee
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    Thanks. That isn't it. Quicken support suggested I just accept the difference. I'm disappointed at that advice.
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