Yet another Charles Schwab downloading issue

My wife and I have 6 accounts at Schwab and 2 user IDs. My ID is primary on 4 accounts and her ID is primary on her 2 IRA accounts. We had issues since mid-November, but were able to sort out most of them this week.

The remaining issue is that one of her IRA accounts can't be set up for online access. When we try, Quicken creates a new IRA account with placeholders for everything before mid-November. This new IRA account also does not include a big position added in mid-November.

I tried disabling online update from all Schwab accounts and then re-establishing them. I use my user ID for the 4 accounts I am primary on. For her 2 IRA accounts, I use her user ID and password.

This is very frustrating. Any ideas?


  • This has been resolved thanks to Anna from Quicken chat support. I had to deselect auto accept transactions and deactivate transaction download for each account as well as delete the FI name and account number from each Schwab account. Then I did a Super Validate. Then from Preferences, Quicken Cloud, I signed out of my Quicken account. Finally, I restarted and added a new account from Schwab and linked all accounts with my existing Quicken accounts. A bit of a pain and complicated, but it worked!
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