Budget Notifications/Alerts (email and push notifications)

I strongly feel the need for "Budget Notifications/Alerts" would be beneficial.

When you create a budget for let's say, restaurants of $200/month. You would have the options to check a box and get email and/or phone push notifications, when you are at 75%, 90% and/or 100% of your budget through out the month. Having the option to get real time budget notifications/alerts sent directly to my phone would be incredible.

This would help notify us of our spending for the month in the specific category we choose and would help us stay within our set budget.
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    I don't know about the Budget feature of the Quicken for Mobile app and what it can do for you, but in Quicken for Windows there's always been the Alerts Center (in the Tools Menu).
    It doesn't email / text your phone but, when working in Quicken, it can alert you if you exceed your set spending limits.
    After you activate the alerts, you should also customize your Home tab's view page, to add the Alerts view to it.

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    We don't have this ability on the Mac side
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    Trying to get this idea in front of higher ups who can implement it!
  • this would set Quicken apart form every other financial app out there.