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I would love to see a feature similar to what I use in QuickBooks. When I'm in the Category list, I'd like to right click and see a "Quick Report" option. When I choose that, I get an instant report that shows all transactions that use that category. This would be so useful when I'm cleaning up the category list (faster than running a category report and filtering it for the specific category in question).
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  • jacobs
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    I think that's a good idea. Here are a few workaround tips that might be helpful in the meantime, if you're not aware of them...

    If you're looking at/find any transaction with a category you want to "quick report" on, Control-click on the transaction and you can select "Report on category" for the exact type of report you're seeking to create from the Category window.

    In the main Quicken window, select All Transactions or Banking in the left sidebar. Now when you're in the Category window, you can double-click on the category name, Copy (to copy the category name text), click on the main Quicken window, click in the Search box, and Paste. That will generate a register of all the transactions in that category*. You can print this register as a report if you want. It's certainly more clicks than just clicking on a category in there report window, but it gets you to the desired result. 

    (*You can constrain the Search specifically to the Category field if you wish by pulling down the tiny "v" next to the magnifying glass icon on the left of the search box. This could be useful if the category name you want to search is something short and common — such as "Groceries" or "Books" — which might also show up in memos or payee names.) 
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