Problem with Direct Connect

Running Windows and Quicken Deluxe (R37.67): everything was fine with downloading account data from my FIs using "Update now".... up to recently (last transaction Jan 09, 2022). It appears that the FIs running "Express Web Connect" download without problem. All my FIs using "Direct Connect" (Amex and two 401k's) do not download anything. When I run each FI individually, the program keeps looking for my account, and looking, and looking... (I have to use the Task Manager to kill the Quicken process). I checked usernames and password in Quicken: all are correct. I logged into the website accounts: no problem. I contacted technical support at Amex: everything is fine on their side. Resetting or deactivating/reactivating the account was unsuccessful, as the program keeps on trying to connect. Also, no alternate connect method is available for these FIs.
What changed so it doesn't work properly anymore???


  • Peter Le
    Peter Le Member
    I am having problems with all the FIs using Direct Connect (including Amex), but no issue with the ones using Express Web Connect. Tried different troubleshooting routines but couldn't fix the problem. Called Amex who found no issue on their side. Now I lost the connection with my Amex account since I deactivated the account to reactivate from anew. Quicken support is not helping, as they do not answer phone support and do not reply to the message I posted.
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