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  • dturn
    dturn Member
    I am having the same issue. I had a repeating bill pay through my bank on an old account with NO reminders in the register. When I created a new bill pay (through my bank) on a new account, I began receiving reminders in the register on that new account I set up in Quicken. I tried the clock thing (checked no reminders), rebooting, etc. Same issue. I'm concerned about deleting the reminder due to the message that pops up telling me it will delete the auto-pay. I don't understand how can Quicken control what I instructed my bank to do? Is this some sort of error message? I chatted with customer support and "Bill" said I cannot remove the reminder. Then he suggested I delete the reminder and "see what happens." Huh? IF I was able to autopay without a reminder with the old account, there must be a way to delete the reminder and KEEP the autopay through my bank with the new account. Right now I have 2 reminders on my register. One for February and March. Super Annoying- Please Help!
  • grace4deaf
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    Seriously, I still haven't been able to stop the *reminders* ONLY. Yes, I already did the clock thing and YES I have it checked as DONT SHOW REMINDERS. My question was closed already. Thank you dturn for bringing it up again. I'm SICK of my "balance" being negative in red for payments not scheduled until the following month.
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