anyone else having problems with Schwab and bonds?

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In addition to the other problems folks are having with Schwab, I have another one. Quicken refuses /is unable to recognize bonds held in an Alliance investment account. When it's available, "reconcile shares" offers to remove them from the account in Quicken. Update prices stopped in mid-November. If I link the account as a "new" one, bonds aren't included in the link. This happens with an account holding tax-free municipals and others holding corporate. Am I the only one having this issue?


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    My problem is not identical to yours but does involve individual bonds in Schwab accounts. I have two accounts with individual bonds and on February 11 Quicken removed most of the bonds and then added new bonds. The priced value of the bonds is about a tenth of their actual value. I, too, experienced the misery of the Schwab December fiasco and thought I was finally out of the woods. Evidently, Quicken still has serious and inexcusably unaccpetable with their software and Schwab.
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    Finally solved the problem --though it took fairly drastic measures. Did the following:
    1. Created a new datafile and linked it to one bond account. (When I did it in the original file, the bonds were all screwed up). In a new datafile, the positions downloaded perfectly, with transactions going back to last October or November. All of the bonds were accounted for by placeholder transactions and weren't identified as anything other than "bond".
    2. Did it a second time with a new datafile with all of my 11 Schwab investment accounts, everything downloaded fine in all of them; same issues as above.
    3. Third time. Reluctantly deleted all of the Schwab investment accounts in my main datafile. Did datafile repair just to be sure and added the eleven Schwab accounts. Everything went well.

    Conclusion: corruption in the Schwab investment accounts (not really surprising, they came over from Microsoft Money a long time ago). Quicken did a good job of matching the "new" securities with pre-existing ones. Don't have price history for them. I can live with that.
    Next step -- get rid of placeholders. If I switch the accounts to simple rather than complete, the placeholders will be converted to add and remove transactions. Haven't done that yet. I sould add, most of the Schwab accounts held equities, not bonds. They were also problematic and deleting/creating new accounts is working well also.
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