Online Bills are inconsistent in populating due dates/amount due

I cant get a response to the thread had opened back up so I am copy& pasting the history here in hopes of getting a response.  I have shortened it to get to the last request by Quicken Mod Alyssa. 

I have several online bills that do not populate their due dates or amount due and I have missed payments due to this. Some I have issues with that will never populate a due date and then some that will one month and not the next. I have 20+ online bills. I run my rental company with Quicken.  As an example, Quicken will say the next bill is not yet available but the bill will be due and this can be confirmed on the billers website. I just find that in general Online Bills is inconsistent and unreliable. Any comments or thoughts would be appreciated. Maybe their is something I could do to improve this. Long term Quicken user of 10+ years.  I have done the Review & Repair Online Billers but don't see any improvement after this.
Yes, please provide us with the names of the billers you have this issue with. If the issues differ depending on the biller, please give specifics.

Once I have the list, I will take a deeper look from our end. Just to check the current health of the billers you are having issues with and to report the issues you are having internally if needed. 

Look forward to hearing back from you, thanks!

Quicken Alyssa


@Quicken Alyssa 

Below is what I have so far. I don't think this is it. But its a start. My overall assessment of using this feature is that in theory it is great. But it is just not reliable. It needs to be looked at and these issues fixed. I'm sure I'm not the only one that has these problems. I am a long time Quicken User. I use it to run my rental business. I use Turbotax to do my taxes and like how those integrate. But this feature really frustrates me. 

Citizen's Bank Mortgage-

- current status: links with this error in notation under the bill "Your bill has been successfully added, but your next amount due is not yet available from your biller. You should get the latest due date when your bill is available. Try again"

- When you try again or update biller you get this error "Bill added waiting for latest updates...Your bill has been successfully added, but your next due amount is not yet available. You should get the latest due date and amount next time you update your Online Bills list"

_Never changes from current status. Bill is currently due right now. 

-Oddly, this one does populate the due date and amount. But none of the rest of the billers that due this exact thing basically will not give you due dates or amounts due

American Express Business Card, T-Mobile, Williams Sonoma Visa Card, & Potterybarn (both are Capital One Bank), Spectrum Business, Alfa Insurance, Trugreen

-current status: does not populate a due date or amount due. It is linked to a manual reminder. It stays at this status always. During mass biller updates you are not notified that these billers did not update.   The due dates for these will all come & go and never changes.

-When you update these billers individually,  you get this error "Bill added waiting for latest updates...Your bill has been successfully added, but your next due amount is not yet available. Please try to update your Bill list later"

-Of note, I have another American Express Business Card that I pay for my father. It works. It is a different account number, sign-on, etc.  Same thing for the Spectrum. I have a residential Spectrum account that works fine. 

Some of the above after several months, i just unlinked them and went back to manual as I was missing due dates. And creditors don't like that as we all know. For me, its like why in the heck is this feature part of Quicken, it doesn't work half the time.  I will continue to assess and add more information as I see it come up. 



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    I tried to use the Online Bills feature for several years, and I found some bills that worked fine, something that worked "sometimes", and some that never worked right.  And I guess you could add some that needed "fixing" periodically.

    The system is based on a third-party service logging into the biller's website and trying to get this information.  There isn't any standard on how to get this information.  If you are using the "Bill Pay" from this same service then you can add it having to try to submit a bill payment for you, again without any standard on how to do this.

    So, by the very nature of how the system is setup, it is giving exactly what I would expect, a system that isn't reliable.
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
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    @Chris_QPW    Thanks for your comment.  That is what I am learning. Someone in my other thread commented as you did saying the same thing. I was coming here to add another biller that doesn't work. Well, it connects, but does the biller added gig, waiting for latest updates. Which the bill is due and has a balance.  So what gets me is that why put something out that is so unreliable.  In theory it is a very good concept. 

     It is important that you pay bills on time to avoid penalty and credit score hits as we all know. And in my case, I have so many billers that I need it to keep up with everything. What's even more frustrating, I have all my online bills linked with manual bills. When the online bill component is not functioning properly it looks like whomever programmed this would have made the manual bill override the online bill and notify you that the bill is due.    But it will not, it will just sit there with the waiting on update message and the bill due date comes and goes. Ive missed payment because of it.  Im very frustrated with it.  Again, its a neat idea and would be wonderful if it was reliable. 

    DOES THE CEO  KNOW HOW UNRELIABLE THIS FUNCTION IS. We should take a pole..... Im sure there is a way to clean this up and fix it. 

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    I find that my bills do not update automatically. I must refresh them individually and if there is a bill available the amount and due date are provided and I can pay the bill. Problem is I must keep track of when a bill is due and continuously refresh it until the bill updated. If I don't remember and don' refresh the bill, I can be late in making a payment. Just occurred today with NewRez and my mortgage payment. Failure to pay on time can really have consequences. This function needs an update to fix this issue.
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    @jnprop I guess Quicken Inc (and Intuit before them) look at the reliability issue differently.  It isn't like they like to work with an unreliable system, but they have a choice, not provide the system or provide one that isn't reliable.  They go with providing it.  Note that the customers requesting such features don't usually know or care about such details until it bites them.  In truth Quicken Inc doesn't have much of a choice.  Look at Express Web Connect vs Direct Connect.  Direct Connect is much more reliable and is an actual standard made for the purpose, but even at the height of adoption there were only about 4,000 financial institutions supporting it.  That number is now down to about 2,000.  Whereas they can claim over 15,000 with Express Web Connect.  Note that there are more than 35,000 financial institutions in the US alone.  And on the biller's side of this there has to be even more of them.

    And things are getting worse not better.  As hacking gets worse the sites come up with even harder ways to login and this is the first major obstacle for systems like this.

    @Nelson Spitnale The constant refreshing actually sounds like a problem on the Quicken side.  The problems are certainly not only out there in third-party part of this.  When I used the system, I noticed many of such problems that certainly seem to be with Quicken not "refreshing" correctly.

    Similar things have been noted on Express Web Connect where you get a different result with One Step Update vs Update Now.  With these systems there seems always be an API function or process that does a better job of getting the status/sending the commands, but it isn't supposed to be used "all the time", instead there is a "lighter version" that "should work" that should be used most of the time, and that is what they mainly use in the One Step Update.

    Personally, for my finances what I do is go to the biller's website and setup automatic payments, and if at all possible, I do it from my credit card that pays me cash back.  Going through my credit card not only gives me cash back, but it also makes cash flow a lot easier. The individual charges come into the credit card, not my checking account, and so I only have to deal with making sure I have enough in the checking account to pay the card balance, not worry about the balance for every single bill.  There are a few that have to come out of my checking account like my utilities and my HOA, but it really cuts down on what I have to keep track of in detail.

    Note that the "Quicken Bill Manager/third-party" is trying to do the same thing to pay bills, log into the biller's site.  But there are two fundamental differences between what it does, and what I do.  First off, I'm a human, not a program and I'm much better equipped do the job!  The second thing is that I just setup my bills to pay them off when due.  I don't try "time them" or change what I do each month.
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
    This is my website:
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    How do you know so much about Quicken, connection methods, etc?  Not being smart. Just wondering.

    I like you idea of running things through your Amex  in general.... but not feasible for me. But yes, I run alot through my Amex for those points too! Ive been hoarding points for awhile now!!! 

    I think they could at least make the manual bill over-ride the online bill that sits in the waiting for updates mode forever and notify you from the manual bill that the bill needs paying. I guess I am saying display the  due date and the estimated amount due. That seems like at least a start to not miss payments and make the feature work better. 

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