It seems to me that it is a known fact that online bill functionality is unreliable. Before we do any more enhancements, lets fix this issue. Do the programmers and CEO know how unreliable this function is..  
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  • Chris_QPW
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    It is my understanding that there isn't anything Quicken Inc can do about this problem.  No more than they can make Intuit make Express Web Connect reliable.

    The way Online Bills works is by Quicken talking to a third-party service that "aggregates" the bills.
    That third-party service does that by logging into the biller's website and getting the information it needs.
    There isn't any standard on how to do this.  As such you will get a spectrum of results from some always working to some never working.

    EDIT so just like Express Web Connect, Quicken Inc gets the complaints from the Quicken users and mostly just forwards them to the third-party service for them to try to fix.  At least until the biller changes their website again.  I'm sure some of the bugs are on the Quicken side not using the API correctly or GUI problems and such, but most will be this fundamental problem that there isn't a standard and so to provide the service the third-party service plays all they games trying to get the data.
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  • jnprop
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    It would ne nice for someone programming, even the CEO,  that knows this to look at these major issues.  and try to address them. And if they can't be addressed as you say, then formally announce that these features are faulty & that they may or may not work from time to time. That would ease my nerves about this. I don't like focusing on things that have no solutions. Its a waste of my time. So when certain bills don't work or Express Web Connect doesn't work... I can tell myself... oh thats right, these are just fluff features that are not dependable.... I shouldn.t expect much out of them. There's nothing Quicken can do about it. I just need to get over it. 
    So essentially they are selling and promoting these features of thier product that is unreliable and down right faulty. I guess one could say quicken is good basic accounting software because it seems to do that well  but these online services are fluff.  I've been with Quicken for many years but it may be time for me to go elsewhere. And I hate that because I know Quicken well and have learned so much about how it functions over the years. But, is there anything out there (accounting software) that has these online features that functions more reliably?

  • Chris_QPW
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    Quicken Inc is trying to sell a product, and the customers are asking for certain features.  They give that their "best effort".  I don't think you are ever going to get a company to tell you such details.

    If you ask me, the difference between a "Super User" and the "Average User" is mostly about knowing what features to avoid in Quicken.

    You won't find any SuperUser using Mobile/Web.  I think you can extend that to Quicken Bill Manager (maybe some might try Online Bills).  Most avoid Express Web Connect when possible.  None use Yearend copy...

    A while back I got in a "discussion" with a person that felt that all that was needed is that they had to get in touch with the right person (someone in management) and that person would somehow once alerted to the problem would charge ahead and fix it.  This was for one of these problems that hadn't been solved in all the years that it existed.

    To me that was crazy logic.  If the manager was competent, he/she would already know about the problem if it was in their power to fix.  If he/she already knew about the problem and didn't fix it then they were either incompetent or more likely unable to solve the problem for one reason or another.  From time to time the CEO puts out very rosy posts on the state of Quicken, but personally I think he is quite aware of the problems these features have.  If he doesn't know, then he is incompetent, and I shouldn't expect him to become competent all of a sudden.
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    That's funny!  I have been using Quicken for 27 years so I would be a super user.  I also avoid Mobile/Web and Bill Manager.  Both don't really work.  Mobile/Web removed several of my account names and I have no idea the damage on the transactions.