R38.29 Check Pay account Sync Error, -1 payments remaining

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Upon starting Quicken a couple days ago it automatically updated to R38.29. I attempted to order a check sent but received an error stating "Check Pay account sync error. Restart Quicken ...". Also, the confirmation screen associated with the check states in italics at the bottom "-1 payments remaining. Renew after 0/0.". I tried the Mondo patch but it would not install . I uninstalled/reinstalled Quicken but that did not solve this problem. I uninstalled it again but also then manually removed all references in the Registry and removed all associated folders (a very time consuming process). This solved the problem for less than one day but its now back and impossible to order checks sent. I have two independent checking accounts and the problem exists in both accounts.

It seems too coincidental that this problem occurred immediately after the auto upgrade to R38.29. At this time Quicken is worthless as it is impossible to order checks sent. Calling the Quicken Support number is of no use as after about an hour holding this afternoon I was disconnected. I would appreciate advice on how to solve this problem. Google searches indicate it is not that uncommon.


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    Here is an update that might prove useful as this problem is apparently due to a bug in the R38.29 update (Per telecon with Quicken Tech Support) and there is a work around that allows ordering checks sent but it is a [Removed - Language]. I see indication from Google that others are experiencing this same problem so I hope this helps.

    On 2/8/22 I had a long productive conversation with a tech support person in Guatemala. At the end of the conversation, after the tech support guy checked with his "back room" on multiple occasions, he stated this a bug with the R38.29 update and he will advise the appropriate group of it. Nevertheless, we tried a number of things to resolve this issue and one of them consistently works, but needs to be done each time Quicken is started. Do the following:

    1 - Click on Edit at the top.
    2 - Click on Preferences at the bottom of the drop down menu.
    3 - Click on "Quicken ID & Cloud Accounts" at the bottom of the left pane in the dialog that appears.
    4 - In the right pane click on "Sign in as a different user".
    5 - Type "yes" to confirm sign out at the bottom.
    6 - Click on "Sign Out".
    7 - Sign in with Quicken ID (email address) and Password.
    8 - Click "Done" and you should not get the error preventing you from ordering checks sent.

    This procedure, at least for me, [Removed - Language] works every time I tried it. Be aware, if Quicken is closed it will have to repeated next time Quicken is started if you want to order a check sent. Everything else appears to work normally. I sure hope Quicken fixes this Quickly.
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    For me on the same error. I JUST disabled check pay and reenabled and the reverified and back to normal
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    > @miklk said:
    > For me on the same error. I JUST disabled check pay and reenabled and the reverified and back to normal

    When you did this, did you have to reenter each specific payee with address, etc.? I saw the instructions to do that but between my two accounts it would be an onerous time consuming task to look up and reenter each payees data. Also curious if the problem returned after closing and reopening quicken as it does with the solution I entered above.
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    Had the same error. This solution worked for me.
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    > @tsmith1409 said:
    > Had the same error. This solution worked for me.

    When you did this, did you have to reenter each specific payee with address, etc.? Please tell me all the steps necessary to restore full functionality of the existing payees after disabling and then re-enabling Check Pay?
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    For me, all payees previously setup were still the e and works after the validate bank deposits 

  • JR Dallas
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    I JUST disabled check pay and reenabled and the reverified and back to normal.

    This did not work for me. After waiting two days for the microdeposits to appear and then verifying my account in Quicken, I had the same problem. Barryng's single session solution of signing out of my account and then back in did work.
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    JR Dallas said:
    I JUST disabled check pay and reenabled and the reverified and back to normal.

    This did not work for me. After waiting two days for the microdeposits to appear and then verifying my account in Quicken, I had the same problem. Barryng's single session solution of signing out of my account and then back in did work.
    Hello @JR Dallas,   

    I am excited to hear that @Barryng's advice provided a resolution. Thank you for taking the time to share your path to solving this problem here on the Quicken Community.

    Feel free to reach out to the Quicken Community with any additional questions or concerns.

    Thanks again,

    Quicken Jared 
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    Want to add that Barryng's solution worked for me to address the "sync error" problem... no need to reverify or set up new payees. I noticed this problem after the Version R38.30, Build update. Thank you Barryng!
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    > @Quicken Jared said:
    > Hello @JR Dallas,   
    > I am excited to hear that @Barryng's advice provided a resolution. Thank you for taking the time to share your path to solving this problem here on the Quicken Community.
    > Feel free to reach out to the Quicken Community with any additional questions or concerns.
    > Thanks again,
    > Quicken Jared 

    Jared, I apologize for negating your excitement although I do thank you for your response. Nevertheless, the workaround I suggested is certainly not a fix, it is only an annoying [Removed - Language] workaround and not a feature of well written software. Since your name implies you are associated with Quicken please pass this on to the appropriate people. For me, Quicken is a tool for both business and personal purposes so it is important it be properly maintained and work properly. Thank you.
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    I have been having the same and repetitive sync-error problem. On Feb 7, 2022 I did the disable-enable on the account. That fix only worked for a few days. Today (3/10/22) I have spoken with 2 different tech support people on the Quicken help line. With the first, the problem disappeared when she opened the shared screen and reappeared after our conversation ended when I reopened Quicken. She suggested that if it happened again, try the edit>preferences>Quicken ID>sign in as a different user. That would seem to wipe out all of my existing check Pay accounts and require these 30 or so accounts to be set up again from scratch. I can't see that as a reasonable solution.

    The second tech support person tried a list of fixes and program updates (Mondo?) without success. It was finally suggested that I try again the disable-enable routine, which I will do. However, I demonstrated to the tech a work-around: if I go to "Bills & Income," click on the +, choose Add Check Pay Payee, there I can enter the payee (usually it finds my existing payee info) and in the second screen after I can choose to "Make a Payment." When I enter that payment it is put into the bank register and given a check number. That this work-around successfully creates a Check Pay check tells me that the sync-error is not in my connection to the bank but within the Quicken program itself.
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    I suspect Quicken sponsors this forum because this forum requires the same login as does the Quicken software and also uses the Quicken trademarked logo. Therefore, I also suspect Quicken, as a smart company, monitors the feedback in it. If so, it would very helpful for Quicken to acknowledge they are aware a problem does exist, apparently immediately starting with release 38.29, and they are actively taking corrective action to fix it. This problem is especially annoying. It would be a lot easier to have patience waiting for the repair knowing the problem is being addressed. Thank you.
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    The problem appeared immediately after Quicken auto updated to R38.29. Interestingly, this update included a fix for "Synchronization issue for some users.". There have been four updates since then; R38(HF3), R39.17, R39.21, and R39.23 (last night). Two of these updates state synchronization issues have been addressed. The problem still exists. Again, dealing with this problem would be much less annoying if Quicken would at least put something out stating they are aware of this problem and expect to have it fixed with some reasonable schedule.
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    c'mon Quicken. [Removed-Disruptive].
  • Quicken Jasmine
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    Hello @all

    Thank you for contacting the Community, I am truly sorry that you are experiencing this error and have not had any response. 

    Could you please upload a screenshot of the error message that you are receiving to this thread? Could you also send your information logs over to Quicken and include the screenshot? You can do this by going to Help>Report a Problem. 

    Please let me know once you have completed this, I look forward to hearing your response. 
    -Quicken Jasmine
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    Jasmine, thank you for responding. Attached are two screen prints. On Screen Print 1 I highlighted in yellow the error message that states "-1 payments remaining. Renews after 0/0.". If "Confirm" is clicked, Screen Print 2 shows the dialog that appears. Although the error message in Screen Print 2 states "Restart Quicken and try again.", doing that does not help. It also states "If the problem persists, disable and re-enable CheckPay.". Some are reporting that disabling CheckPay will require reentering all the payees but that will be a very unacceptable and very time consuming and onerous task since so much data including addresses and account numbers are required for each payee. The work around I described above will make it work properly until Quicken is shut down but returns when Quicken is restarted. The problem started immediately after the automatically installed R38.29 upgrade and still remains even though all subsequent upgrades have been installed. The screen prints attached are from R39.23 Build I will cut and paste this response and the screen prints to "Report a Problem" site after sending this note as you requested. Please exert any influence you have to get this fixed. Quicken is not leisure time or gaming software but is used for serious business purposes. It is also not free and requires a monthly fee to use so there is a reasonable expectation you will actively maintain it. Please understand the high level of animosity directed at Quicken, not at all because the bug creeped in, but because it is apparently not being addressed and Quicken has said nothing about it. Thank you. Barry
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    Jasmine, I completed your request last night and left a comprehensive response both here and at Help>Report a Problem. The message here disappeared late last night, reappeared this morning, and is now gone again. I do not understand what is happening. Most important, can you verify the Quicken group that would handle this received what I sent them via Help>Report a Problem last night? This problem has existed for almost two months and, other than your response here, there is not a single indication Quicken is addressing it. I would have expected an email just acknowledging receipt of the information I sent last night but that did not happen. My Quicken records, for which I need continuity, go back 24 years so it is not that practical to just switch to another software package from someone other than Quicken. PLEASE HELP!! This is getting very annoying.
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    Hello @Barryng,

    Apologies for the glitches occurring with your comment. I went ahead and restored the comment. 

    To clarify the problem report submissions that are sent via Help > Report a problem; while you will not receive a response through this submission, these reports will help our teams in further investigating the issue. These submissions go directly to a database that is accessible by members of our Product and Development teams as well as our support team, Tier 2 team, and escalation teams.

    These reports are reviewed daily, mainly to track multiple reports of the same trending issues or to request log files for troubleshooting/escalation purposes. When multiple reports of the same issue are received, then those reports are investigated further. Reports that can be replicated or verified are then submitted as tickets to the proper channels.

    I hope this information serves to be useful to you! Thank you.
    -Quicken Anja
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    I have not been able to fix this problem by disabling and re-installing Check Pay (after verifying with the 2 small deposits through Bank of America). The problem persists. I am currently running R39.23 (Build This is the 2nd time I have had to deal with this although I was able to fix it by re-starting Quicken the first time. But I only use Check Pay a couple of time a month.
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    I use it almost every day and would really like it fixed. [Removed - Speculation/Rant] This problem has existed for almost two months now.
  • Terry
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    This is the third time in the last two months for me. BTW, you cannot disable and reenable payment accounts if you have existing payments pending.
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    @Barryng Thanks. This worked.

    Quicken: Fixit!
  • Terry
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    What worked?
  • Barryng
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    > @Terry said:
    > What worked?

    See the eight step procedure in the second post in this thread. I mailed (USPS) a letter yesterday to Eric Dunn, Quicken CEO, in an attempt to get this problem addressed. It appears to be due to a bug in R38.29, sent out and auto installed just over two months ago and it sure is annoying.
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    I've been having the same Check Pay problem.  A note to Quicken - I own two Quicken ID's (one for me and one to manage the affairs of an elderly family member).  When I switch between the two Quicken files I need to enter the correct Quicken ID associated with that file.  It also appears that doing this may be related to Check Pay losing its sync....
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    I too have been having the same problem. Disabling and reenabling Check Pay does not solve it. This is a serious bug that has been ongoing for months. I would really expect Quicken to give it priority for a fix, or at least to acknowledge it, since they have had an ample number of reports of its existence. Very frustrating.
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    I was so hoping this issue would be rectified with the v40 auto-update this morning. So disappointing! Having to log out and back into my Quicken ID every time I want to use Check Pay is ridiculous. Come on Quicken. This has been going on too long.
  • Barryng
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    My version is still R39.23 / Build and it is indicating right now this is the latest version. Maybe the updates are first distributed on a limited basis.

    I did note, while verifying the current revision, my membership is valid for only a few more days. Does it automatically renew? I dread having to call their 800 number to assure it does renew.

    I sent a letter (USPS with a stamp) about the problem discussed above to Eric Dunn, the Quicken CEO in Menlo Park Corp Headquarters about three weeks ago. I am very disappointed to have heard nothing. I was at least expecting (hoping?) an acknowledgment of the problem. I am getting vibes Quicken is a dying product. I certainly hope not because I have so many years of records associated with my two accounts all continuous and easily accessible and I want to keep it that way. Without Quicken I am stuck using the banks systems, each account has a different bank with a different system, and the banks are not reliable (at least from my experience) in maintaining consistency with the current system. In one case a bank just changed their system a few years back and there was no way to carry data from the old system to the new system.
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    I just spoke with a Quicken tech support rep.

    With respect to the very annoying problem discussed above, he stated Quicken is indeed aware of this problem and it will be resolved in the next update. I asked about R40; apparently released this morning (see dmatz65 post above at 0844 today). He stated that is a limited update to a limited number of users and does not include the fix. He did not explain more about this but he stated the full update with the fix will be released early next week, maybe Monday or Tuesday. One can always hope.

    The rep also stated my account is set up for auto renewal so I do not need to take any action to renew it before it expires.

    I was expecting the worst when I called. However, to Quicken's huge credit, the phone was answered after only a few rings by a seemingly very knowledgeable human that communicated very well and fluently in English.

    So, understanding, immediately after this problem appeared, almost three months ago, another Quicken tech rep told me they were aware of the problem and it would be fixed in the next update, I will become a believer next week if it is really fixed.
  • Barryng
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    My version of Quicken Premier was upgraded directly from R39.23 to R40.21 this morning and the problem is still not fixed. This note is a plea for one of the Moderators (Quicken Jared/Jasmine/Anja/etc.) to please ask their bosses to have Quicken put out some meaningful and useful statement acknowledging this problem and including a estimated date for it being repaired. Absolutely nothing from Quicken, including even a minimal response to my 04/10/22 letter to Quicken's CEO, is terrible and very annoying customer service. This is especially so for a subscription product at $80/year plus $216/year in check writing fees. Silence about this issue is the problem, not just the issue itself. It would be much easier to deal with the problem with credible knowledge that it was being addressed.