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After a long hiatus from Quicken, Im attempting to update and reconcile a securities account. This entails manually entering old security prices. I'm using Q2013 with the idea of upgrading when this is complete. However, when I try to manually enter old security prices nothing happens after 'enter'. I'm entering prices from pre-2014, but can only update prices after 2014, the last time I updated them electronically. I can update current prices, but for some reason, not old prices. I think somehow the old prices are blocked or the price file corrupted? I recall reading somewhere a process to fix the corrupted price file which involved changing the ticker and/or deleting all the prices, then importing the prices back from a CSV file. Any help would be appreciated.


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    I've had issues where doing an Update -> Quotes would skip certain stocks. I discovered that the security was set to "Hide" by hitting Ctl+Y to bring up the Security List window which seemed to be the cause of this. Once it was unchecked they would start updating again.

    Not sure if this is your issue or will help but wanted to suggest it as something to check.
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