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New user to Quicken Mac subscription app.. focusing initially on investments. Overall I like the feature set, but there is one abnormality I'm trying to work around. For each portfolio, if you leave cash in the account it does not show up in the All Transactions left pane of the Quicken Window. As a result, your summary values and Net Worth info is incorrect. The work-around seems to be to create a separate "cash" Portfolio for each main Portfolio... which while cumbersome does result in the correct Net Worth. This approach though does not provide for seeing the total Account value at a glance, since its broken into a Cash and Stocks/Funds portfolio. An easy fix would be to provide for grouping of the Cash and Stock portfolios, similar to how all brokerage accounts are captured under a Brokerage "group", and how all retirement accounts are captured under a Retirement "group". When one hovers over the Retirement heading, it shows the total value of all portfolios under its "group"... so this would allow a quick view of the summary value of each account. This would seemingly be a very easy addition and likely handy for other reasons too.
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    @JoeFQV You wrote: "if you leave cash in the account it does not show up in the All Transactions left pane of the Quicken window." That's definitely not what I'm seeing. I have a brokerage account with several securities and cash; the total of security market value plus cash is the same in the Portfolio screen and the left sidebar. In your Portfolio view of an account with cash, set to show Portfolio Value and Group by Security, do you see a line for Cash, with a Market Value amount, at the bottom of your securities? And you're saying the total of the Market Value column here does not match the account value in the left sidebar? If you click the ••• icon at the top of the sidebar, do you have it set to Show Today's Balance in Sidebar? I'm trying to figure out what wold cause you to see different results than I'm seeing. 
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