Scheduled Transactions List: Inconsistent "due date" and "how often"

I noticed a wide discrepancy between DUE DATE and HOW OFTEN columns for at least two recurring, scheduled transactions. They correctly show DUE next 2/2023 and I just noticed transactions incorrectly list HOW OFTEN frequency at 2 yrs and 6 yrs. I'm not sure how long this has been the case. When I went to edit latter, the frequency IS set at once each year. And there is no apparent drop-down to schedule at 2 or 6 year intervals anyway.
Has anyone run into this issue or found a solution? Thanks.


  • UKR
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    Sounds like yet another bug to me ...
    Changing a reminder from "Monthly, every 2 months" to "Yearly" does not seem to correctly reset the count to 1 ("Yearly, every 1 year").
    To fix, please try this: change the reminder to "monthly, every 1 month", then change back to "Yearly". Keep an eye on the next Due date, to make sure it doesn't get changed inadvertently.

    There's been a discussion about additional scheduling frequency on the books for several years, including a change to add "Yearly, every [xx] years". Still waiting ...
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    Thanks for offering potential solutions. I tried each scenario. Disappointedly, Quicken Premiere once again lists some scheduled transactions that I need to pay "once each year" as "once every 6 years" despite accurate User entries.
    I whole-heartedly agree this bug and the gaps need to be addressed. Or should companies start billing at 6 year intervals as shown on Quicken Scheduled transactions? How about starting that interval with Qn subscriptions? :D
    Remaining hopeful for an update to resolve this serious scheduling error ....
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