Quicken updates - are they regression tested by devs before releasing as Staged Release

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    @Quicken Paloma Hi I'm just curious. Isn't there a standard checklist that the developers use to verify that just the "standard" features like this are verified workable before Quicken updates are released to the users? It seems like there is always an issue or problem after an update. How do things like this slip through the cracks? I would like to think there is a protocol that checks for feature and operational abnormalities before updates are created and release. Other companies seem to be able to update without problems.

    Why does Quicken not, almost always! Does Quicken just release it to the public for use as a beta test. I've become very apprehensive to ever let my PC download a Quicken update and all I use it for is a checkbook register, and it still can't work properly without some kind of issue after an update There are an enormous number of nightmare results after some of these. The one I'm thinking of is Sync so mobile could be used, and that is so bad many users have it turned off. I'm using Quicken in it's very basic form, and it often times has issues after an update Exactly what is going on and will these issues ever be addressed BEFORE an update. It doesn't make sense to me to release an update to fix a problem, only to create a new one. What am I missing here?
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    Hello @TTSguy

    Thank you for reaching out to the Quicken Community. I apologize for the frustrations that come with updates and releases. When there is an issue, we try to recreate it and also report it quickly as needed. Aside from that, while we, as moderators, report bugs to the development team, we do not work with them directly. Due to this, I am afraid I do not have answers for you. I am sure there is a protocol of some sort but I am not familiar with what it entails. 

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    Even though I think they should have some kind of regression testing, it is in fact not practical to have full regression testing with Quicken.

    First off there are so many different features in Quicken, and then second a lot of the features interact with "online accounts", which they can't control to be "reset for testing".

    One thing that has surprised me lately about the problems that have come up where they are popping up.

    The investment Holding view losing its "show" selections for instance.  They haven't changed things in that view/window for years (even though they should since it is in need of work like remembering the column widths).
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    I didn't think Quicken Inc was that big of a company that employees would be unfamiliar with at least the high levels processes of other departments in their company. 
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