Best Canadian Investment Bank for downloading to Quicken

Does anyone have any opinions on which is the best Canadian investment bank and regular bank for integration with Quicken?

By 'best' I just mean the easiest to integrate?


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    Ooops I hit return before I could finish. I have been using Quicken very extensively for 20 years and I have many accounts ( 70+). I am now at a stage where I don't want to be entering all the dividends, share splits etc.

    I have super appreciated the PerlWhiz? who wrote ImportQIF. I purchased it and have been using it but now my primary bank HSBC does not provide an easy downloadable csv to be imported. At this stage I just don't know why a program can't look up a stock and bloody add all the dividends etc. This has been needed for ages. [Removed - Solicitation]

    Any ideas on how I can make this more efficient?
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